There is a range of brands which make walking foot sewing machines. Which is best for you depends upon what you intend to do along with your walking foot sewing machine?

If you would like to sew quilts, you’ll need to bring home a heavy-duty industrial system.

On the other hand, if you would like to work with easy and lightweight materials, you are able to invest in smaller, more complex sewing machines.

Within the following guide, let us discuss some of the lightest sewing machines which may serve your distinct sewing requirements.

Top Best Walking Foot Sewing Machines

JUKI DNU-1541 Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

JUKI DNU-1541 Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine


  • Outstanding sewing speed — 2,500 stitches per second
  • Single needle walking foot
  • Chair dimensions of 477 x 178 Millimeter
  • new rectangular feed method
  • Recently adopted double-tension mechanics
  • Consistent stitching toss


  • This can be a costly sewing machine due to its heavy duty purposes.
  • You want a reasonable quantity of expertise with sewing machines to utilize this system. This isn’t for novices.

Juki DNU 1541 is a high-tech industrial sewing machine which stitches layers of cloth, leather, etc., with ease.

This system gives a trusted feed and also consistent seam quality if you operate on heavy stuff. DNU 1541 offers exceptional sewing abilities and responsiveness via its bigger needle bar stroke, greater presser foot lift and recently adopted double-tension mechanism.

Juki DNU 1541 comes with a superb ratio between the alternating movements of the walking foot and the presser foot, so making it easy to operate on substances of thickness. What’s more, there’s a fresh rectangular feed which prevents the needle from fraying. This sewing machine sews multiple layers of a job without repainting collecting.

This system is great for smaller companies which are focused on working with leather. You may purchase it to your house when you work a lot with leather or simply take up large jobs like sewing a quilt.

Juki DNU 1541 is still a costly system but it justifies its cost including all the latest features and its own high strength sewing. Each Juki DNU — 1541 includes a 550W engine and these consume 90 percent less electricity compared to clutch motors.

This machine is an expert sewing machine and perfect for people who have a fantastic experience of working on a sewing machine. If you’re just beginning, you might want to look at other, easier, easy to use machines on this listing.

Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with Table...


  • Top industrial sewing machine
  • Triple feed walking foot
  • Extra-long stitch length — 10 millimeter
  • Adaptive height of walking movement
  • Comes with sewing table along with servo engine
  • Perfect machine for leather, automobile, canvas, upholstery, etc..


  • That is an industrial system and not for novices.
  • Difficult to utilize leather without sufficient expertise.
  • Consew 206 RB falls upon the costly side since it’s a industrial grade equipment.

Consew 206 RB is just another of the top-heavy responsibility, industrial sewing machines. This sewing machine isn’t beginners and demands a certain quantity of expertise in coping with a sewing machine. It’s perfect for industrial usage to execute huge jobs using materials like canvas and leather. If you’re seeking to create totes, bags, camping trailer covers, ship, umbrellas, this really is the machine which may provide help.

This system includes an extra-long stitch of 10mm which may hold layers of cloth together and work well with heavy stuff.

Additionally, it has a compound feed walking foot that’s perfect for sewing. Consew 206 RB includes a huge bobbin that could be altered without removing the material being brushed. This is only one of those few sewing machines which comes with a flexible reverse stitching that could be of the identical size of forwards stitching.

Consew 206’s walking foot may be corrected to sew materials of various thickness. What’s more, its walking feet, cables and other attachments are synonymous with all other Consew versions like 226R — two and 255 RB — two.

This machine has an extremely high working speed of 3300 stitches per minute. This machine includes a vanity plus a strong, compact sized servo engine which powers the system. You may purchase it in white colour.

REX Mobile Walking-Foot Sewing Machine

REX Portable Walking-Foot Sewing Machine. New and Tested Before...


  • Low cost industrial standard sewing machine
  • Works excellently with leather
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • includes a reverse stitch setting
  • Has Many Different accessories


  • Can operate just with soft leather, vinyl, etc..
  • This system can’t manage industrial scale jobs.

REX 607 provides an astonishing rate of 800 stitches per second and its greatest stitch length is 6 mm. This machine includes a needle bar stroke of 30 mm and a mattress size of 14.5 x 7 inches. It can easily fit in a bulky endeavor and also you may sew up to 4 layers of gentle cloth together with no worry. REX 607 utilizes a bobbin of dimensions 15 and can be powered with a 110-volt AC motor.

This system is the ideal option for large scale industrial sewing machines that are tough to use. It is possible to use it on a normal table top and can also move it around easily. REX 607 utilizes 135 x 17 needles that are appropriate to operate with heavy threads.

REX is just one of the very few brands which make walking toes with reverse osmosis and this system also has that attribute. It is nicely designed walking makes sewing on leather a smooth and effortless job.

When you get this machine, you get an documentation, screwdriver, petroleum, industrial thread rack, variable foot rate controller, additional bobbins and additional needles. This is an perfect device for small to moderate jobs. If you’re planning to purchase it for home use, this system is best for you.

Consew CP206RL Portable Walking Foot Machine

Consew CP206RL Portable Walking Foot Machine


  • Long arm offers great working room for bulky jobs.
  • Outstanding reverse sewing feature
  • Mobile sewing power Allow You to sew anyplace you need
  • dip feed and walking foot give a neat cloth feeding system
  • includes a built-in 110 AC engine
  • Maximum rate of 800 stitches per minute


  • Sewing ft Can’t be substituted on this particular machine
  • It Isn’t easy to set up and utilize

Consew CP206 RL is a portable sewing machine but don’t confuse it for a beginner’s machine. This system is an industrial standard sewing machine which requires experience to establish and use.

This system is capable of handling bulky jobs easily and generates some really astounding results. Consew CP206 RL is a funding friendly system but , it provides more features and better results than you purchase. The extended arm of the system produces a mattress room of 14.5 x 7 inches that’s excellent for carrying up bulky jobs such as stitching a ship sail or a king-sized quilt.

This sewing machine will manage all directly from sewing light cloths to stitching heavy-weight materials such as upholstery, leather, synthetics, canvas and several other products that are laminated. Consequently, if your strategy is to begin a little company stitching coasters or umbrellas, then this really is the system for you.

Consew CP 206RL includes a stitching rate of 800 stitches per minute. This is a good rate for a system of its size. It’s powered with a built in 110 ac engine and can generate a stitch size of maximum 6 mm. It’s encouraged by deluxe foot controller. Its needle bar stroke is 30 mmm.

The machine’s internet weight is 18.6 kgs that’s far less compared to other machines in its own league. Further, it’s a mobile sewing powerpoint, which means that you may take it into any area in your home and may even measure outside in the event that you please. This system includes a 90-day manufacturer’s guarantee and lifelong assistance from Consew.

REX 607Z Mobile Walking-Foot Sewing Machine

REX 607Z Portable Walking-Foot/Zigzag with LED Light


  • Can manage Vast Array of cloths
  • Quick and excellent outcomes
  • Mobile, compact sized sewing machine
  • Industrial capability
  • Simple to use
  • Superior rate controller
  • Budget friendly


  • This system may just sew in a direct line.
  • Rex 607Z is tough to oil and thus, may become hard to keep in the long term.

REX is among the earliest sewing machine companies on the planet. This brand makes easy yet powerful machines which offer astounding results. REX 607Z portable sewing machine is a industrial sewing machine however is amazingly lightweight and compact.

This sewing machine is excellent for professional stitching attachments and it may manage a vast array of fabrics from leather. If you’re seeking a sewing machine which could quilt, sew the sails of a ship or can sew a good leather purse, this sewing machine is right for you.

Rex 607Z is among the very affordable sewing machines available on the marketplace. However, that doesn’t indicate that the business has jeopardized in its functionalities or features. This system provides only the best in each section. It’s structured utilizing the ability of a 900 RPM engine and it might perform directly stitches for canvas work and zigzag stitches for sails.

The period of the stitches with this machine may be corrected to 5mm also it comes with an extra-ordinary rate controller.

This system is capable of stitching through multiple layers of cloth unlike what folks like to presume about this particular machine. It’s actually capable of handling different kinds of professional jobs in case you’ve got a reasonable comprehension of threads and needles.

You may face a tiny problem with all the steadiness of the sewing machine but it is easily handled with the support of a vanity. The foot pedal system makes working with machines really handy. If you’re interested in finding an efficient machine which can-do heavy work in a pocket friendly price, then you are able to bank on this version from REX.

A walking foot sewing machine can cause you to be a specialist in stitching leather things and executing bulky jobs like sewing quilts, etc.. However, these tasks aren’t for a novice and so, working using a walking foot can also pose a problem if you don’t understand the sewing machines nicely.

Always begin with a very simple machine that’s simple to prepare and user friendly. Gradually graduate into an industrial level walking foot sewing equipment. And as soon as you master this sort of a machine, theirs will be no stopping you.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine
Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Best Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Skill Level

A walking foot is generally utilized to sew bulky things such as a quilt. Both these options take a fantastic amount of working experience with sewing machines. Plus, the majority of the walking foot sewing machines are somewhat complex as considered to be easy stitching and embroidery machines. Thus, it’s vital to consider your own ability levels until you bring home a sewing machine.

Larger Work Space

Dealing with a quilt requires bigger work area. You cannot possibly produce a leather handbag utilizing a tiny, compact sized sewing machine. Thus, when you measure out to purchase a walking foot sewing machine, then request machines with larger work area, or a larger arm.

Big Needle Size

Sewing thick stuff is tough. This job requires an excess strength motor plus a larger needle foot. Consider it, is it possible to pierce leather along with your regular sewing needle? It needs to be strong and more so you don’t get constrained together with the depth of your undertaking.

Powerful Motor

Sewing thicker material requires advantage. Thus, it’s clear your walking foot sewing machine must include a great potential AC motor. A strong engine automatically raises the purchase price of the sewing machine but that is 1 cost which you must bear if you would like to easily sew a kayak or earn a ship sail.


A walking foot sewing machine can cause you to be a specialist in stitching leather things and executing bulky jobs like sewing quilts, etc..

However, these tasks aren’t for a novice and so, working using a walking foot can also pose a problem if you don’t understand the sewing machines nicely.

Always begin with a very simple machine that’s simple to prepare and user friendly. Gradually graduate into an industrial level walking foot sewing equipment. And as soon as you master this sort of a machine, there is likely to be no stopping you.

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