On the market today, you would catch sight of so many different brands of sewing machines such as Singer, Juki or Brother Sewing Machine… Among these, Singer is one of the oldest and most famous sewing machine brands, with high-quality products and a solid reputation to back it up. At the very least, their products are well-known, but once you’ve experienced the build quality and reliability for yourself, it’s difficult to imagine ever switching. You may make your own clothes and costumes, curtains, blankets… with the best singer sewing machine and tailor them to your preferences.  I’ve put together this list to assist you to choose the top singer sewing machine models on the market, highlighting the most significant aspects of these sewing machines. I hope that this article will assist you in deciding which Singer sewing guide is appropriate for you and your sewing projects.

Top products list:

1. SINGER | 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

SINGER | 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine
SINGER | 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Now let’s begin with one of the most popular machines on the market: the Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine. This is one of my favourite crafting sewing machines since it is suitable for beginners as well as much more experienced hands, and it will serve you well for most sewing projects.

The stitching speed of the SINGER 7258 is 750 stitches per minute. This is a decent sewing machine speed, and it may even be too fast for beginners. Fortunately, you may change the speed to suit your preferences and the demands of the activity at hand. The SINGER 7258 boasts 100 built-in stitches, with 70 of them being decorative stitches.

The free arm on this machine greatly increases the unit’s usefulness and adaptability. It allows you to stitch complex stretches such as sleeve cuffs, trouser hems, and so on. The machine has LED work lights that brighten the workplace and make it easier to complete complex projects. SINGER 7258 is under 15 pounds, making it easy to transport. This does not imply that it is a delicate machine; rather, it is a sturdy and long-lasting sewing machine with a heavy-duty metal frame.

Pros Cons
User-friendly Not for thick materials
Excellent for crafters and cloth makers

This machine has a lot of promise for doing a lot of stuff, and it comes with a lot of features for its mid-market pricing. If you prefer working on smaller tasks and enjoy the freedom to try new things with your sewing, the Singer 7258 is a great choice.

2. SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine
SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

To me, this beauty is the best singer sewing machine ever made. It’s surprising to see a sewing machine that can do literally everything. The SINGER 9960 is a singer advanced sewing machine that can easily sew, embroider, and quilt. It’s a computerized, fully automatic sewing machine with enhanced features for professional use. 

The fact that it includes a large selection of stitches, including basic, stretch, and decorative stitches for fashion sewing, quilting and embroidery set the Quantum Stylist 9960 apart from the competition. This sewing machine includes 600 built-in stitches, 5 alphanumeric fonts, and 13 built-in 1-step buttonholes. It may not be the fastest sewing machine on the marketplace, but it still sews at 850 stitches per minute, making it more than capable of finishing those last-minute tasks. And the Quantum Stylist 9960 is one of Singer’s most versatile sewing machines, with 13 presser feet.

This machine’s command centre is the LCD screen. This machine’s display is small, but it is surrounded by a large number of buttons that work together to control all of the machine’s functions. This machine comes with a variety of accessories, including 18 presser feet, needles, bobbins, lint brush, spool caps, seam guide, and more.

Pros Cons
Sewing, quilting, and embroidery are all possible with this machine. It may be difficult to use for novices.
Many creative options Heavy, not portable
Can sew thick materials
Great for making clothes

The Singer 9960 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a sewing machine in the mid-price range. Singer 9960 is an excellent choice for customers because of its many new and enhanced features.

3. SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger

SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger
SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger

If you are looking for a professional serger from the Singer brand, then this is the one for you. The Singer Professional 5 14T968DC is practically a top-of-the-line serger with enough functionality to be used exclusively as a professional sewing machine.

The 5-4-3-2 stitch capacity of the Singer 14T968DC serger ensures a precise stitch with rolled hems, cover hems, chain stitching, and more. To maintain seams sturdy and avoid cloth bunching, you can adjust the stitch width and length on all of the stitches. When working on projects or garments, there’s no need to move between your sewing machine and serger to create a mock coverstitch hem because a coverstitch feature is provided. 

One of the most useful features of this serger is the automated tension system. When you choose a stitch, the machine automatically adjusts the thread tensions to the proper setting. The adjustable differential feed controls the movement ratio between the front and back feed dogs, allowing the fabric to feed smoothly beneath the needles.

Pros Cons
User-friendly High price
2-in-1 sewing machine with coverstitch feature Many plastic parts
Offer different thread capability
Can sew fast and through thick materials

While it is more expensive than many other popular sergers, this Singer offers more options in terms of comfort and control. The Singer Pro 5 14T968DC is a very versatile sewing machine that can handle even the most difficult professional or home sewing projects.

4. SINGER | Confidence 7469Q Computerized & Quilting Sewing Machine

SINGER | Confidence 7469Q Computerized & Quilting Sewing Machine
SINGER | Confidence 7469Q Computerized & Quilting Sewing Machine

If you are into quilting then this machine will definitely not disappoint you. The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing and Quilting Machine was designed for sewers of all skill levels, taking into account the unique demands that quilting places on a machine. I do believe that this beauty is the best singer sewing machine for quilting!

The product comes with a total of 98 different stitch styles to pick from, many of which are decorative. The drop and sew bobbin system, which works as quickly as it sounds, is one of the best features of sewing machines. And thanks to the glass case, you can readily examine how much thread you have left. 

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing and Quilting Machine works well with a variety of fabrics, even some that are thicker. With 13 different needle positions and the ability to use two needles at the same time, no design is out of reach. Another useful feature of this product is the ability to adjust the presser foot pressure. When stitching very lightweight or heavyweight fabrics, this capability comes in helpful. 

Pros Cons
Lightweight but sturdy machine LED light is not bright
Quiet operation
Can sew thick materials
Ease of setting up and use

If you’re searching for a machine with a lot of features to handle both beginner quilting and craft sewing, the Singer 7469Q Confidence is a great choice.

5. Singer Promise 1412 Sewing Machine

Singer Promise 1412 Sewing Machine
Singer Promise 1412 Sewing Machine

When comparing singer sewing machine models and prices, this machine is not considered as the top seller or the most popular one. However, Singer 1412 sewing machine is still a great sewing machine for domestic use and making clothes. 

The Singer Promise 1412 electric sewing machine, with 750 stitches-per-minute max speed, includes 12 built-in stitch functions as well as an automatic 4-step buttonhole stitch. The threading path of the Singer Promise 1412 electric sewing machine is simple and quick, saving you time. The stitch length on this sewing machine can also be adjusted to keep seams sturdy. It also avoids fabric bunching, which is a stitching headache.

The Singer Promise 1412 electric sewing machine has a highly durable frame that keeps it stable while you sew. This machine’s presser footer features a snap-on feature. This feature allows swapping out presser foot for the one you need based on your stitching needs a breeze. An auto-reverse lever is included with this sewing machine. When you want to sew in reverse and strengthen your stitches, you can use this conveniently placed lever.

Pros Cons
Lightweight but sturdy Complex mechanisms
Quiet operation
Energy saving

6. SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

SINGER 4423 could be a wonderful choice if you need a heavy-duty sewing machine that is normally more expensive than a regular sewing machine but is still on a limited budget. SINGER 4423 is a large-scale industrial sewing machine with a sturdy interior frame and a powerful motor.

The sewing speed on this machine is 1100 stitches per minute, which is a great figure to sew with. This machine’s engine is 60% stronger than other sewing machines’ motors, allowing it to handle thicker fabrics and layers better. This machine’s 23 built-in stitches are divided into 6 basic stitches, 4 stretch stitches, and 12 decorative stitches. This machine’s stitches make it ideal for crafts, clothing making, and other uses.

SINGER 4423 features three-needle positions that can be switched out depending on the project’s requirements. This machine’s bobbin mechanism is simple to load, provides quick threading, and saves you a lot of time in the process. The machine’s buttonhole system responds to a button press. Furthermore, the sewing machine’s drop feed feature allows for free-motion sewing, which is necessary for creative topstitching and sewing problematic portions like cuffs and collars. This machine’s steel bedplate and needle tension adjuster ensure consistent stitch quality. In addition, the SINGER 4423 features onboard storage for your accessories.

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty motor help sew thick materials No hard case
Metal frame and steel bedplate Manual machine
High sewing speed

Well, if you’re looking for the perfect heavy-duty sewing machine with a mid-price range, then this is the one!

7. SINGER Fashion Mate 3333 Free-Arm Sewing Machine

SINGER Fashion Mate 3333 Free-Arm Sewing Machine
SINGER Fashion Mate 3333 Free-Arm Sewing Machine

Singer is always known for providing high-quality sewing machines. This machine is no different from other types of singer sewing machines as it is well-designed to provide complete satisfaction to all types of users. The machine’s structure is made of heavy-duty metal, which ensures that it will function well and consistently for a long period. The machine is, without a doubt, the greatest option for novices who wish to learn how to sew simple clothing.

With 23 built-in stitches which include basic sewing, decorative sewing and 4-step buttonholes stitches, you can get a good start and enhance the detail in your projects. It’s simple to adjust the stitch length by turning the dial to get the ideal stitch length for each project.

You’ll also get a top drop-in bobbin that’s easy to see and thread, as well as a built-in needle threader for quick and easy needle threading.  The stitching area is illuminated by LED lights, and threading the eye of the needle is straightforward thanks to the built-in automatic needle threader. This machine also includes all of the necessary accessories, including as an all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, an edge guide, needles, and bobbins.

Pros Cons
Beginner-friendly Cannot sew thick materials
Lightweight and sturdy Thread gets jammed
Bright LED light

Overall, the Singer 3333 Fashion Mate is an excellent choice for beginners or those who only need to perform little sewing on occasion, and I strongly suggest it to anybody who falls into these categories.

8. SINGER | Start 1304 Sewing Machine

SINGER | Start 1304 Sewing Machine
SINGER | Start 1304 Sewing Machine

It’s truly can not be denied that this is the best singer sewing machine for beginners. You may not expect much because of the cheap price, but based on the name on the side of the machine, it really lives up to the brand’s reputation with its power and functionality. 

This machine is a small machine that is quite simple to operate from the start. It includes a heavy-duty metal frame that offers the necessary stability while stitching, and the stainless-steel bedplate ensures even fabric feed. SINGER 1304 features 6 built-in stitches: a straight stitch, zigzag stitch, satin stitch, blind hem, scallop, and a 4-step buttonhole. This little sewing machine stitches at a speed of 750 stitches per minute, which is a reasonable sewing machine pace. Because the SINGER 1304 features twin-spool pins, you can stitch in parallel rows.

You may also use the stitch knob to select stitches and mix and match stitch patterns to create new ones. On the machine, there is a single LED light that illuminates the work area, allowing for improved focus and eyesight. With two spools and an extra presser foot, this machine allows you to be more creative. Working on cuffs and collars is also made easier by the machine’s retractable free arm. SINGER 1304 is an automatic sewing machine, which offers automatic thread tension, automatic buttonhole, and other features.

Pros Cons
Best for beginners Not ideal for experienced sewers
Lightweight and portable
Many automatic functions

If you really want to start sewing as a new hobby, the ideal tool to use is a “Start.” The Start 1304 is one of the best sewing machines for beginners as it is also the most reasonably priced Singer sewing machine available.

9. SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine
SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

When I compare singer sewing machines, I was surprised to find out about Singer Heavy Duty 4452. The Heavy Duty 4452 is very much a revolutionary sewing machine with an affordable price tag that not only completes your sewing project but does so faster and better than any other regular machine on the market.

The SINGER 4452 sewing machine has a 60% more powerful motor than comparable heavy-duty sewing machines, allowing you to sew thick materials with ease. Furthermore, the SINGER 4452 is constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame, making it durable and long-lasting. The Heavy Duty 4452 comes with 32 built-in stitches, including 6 basic, 7 stretch, 18 decoratives, and 1 fully automatic 1-step buttonhole stitch. At 1,100 stitches per minute, this sewing machine can sew very fast.

The automatic reverse feature on the SINGER 4452 sewing machine aids in reinforcing the stitch and ensuring that the materials are securely attached. The machine comes with a top drop-in bobbin that is simple to load. The bobbin plate is also transparent, allowing you to monitor the thread supply from the bobbin. The SINGER 4452 heavy-duty sewing machine comes complete with all of the essential attachments. It comes with 4 feet, needles, bobbins, and a seam ripper, among other things.

Pros Cons
Fast and powerful to sew thick materials Tension problems
Sturdy and stable
Quiet and smooth operation

This sewing machine is a fantastic addition to any sewing room. It sews through all fabrics without a hitch, and I’ve yet to have any major troubles with it. Overall, I have no reservations in recommending it to you!

10. SINGER | Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

SINGER | Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine
SINGER | Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

The Singer 2277 is one of the best sewing machines on the market, with unique features at a low price. Because it has no complicated procedures and can be operated by anyone in a matter of minutes, this machine is ideal for beginners as well as occasional home sewers.

The singer 2277’s outside casing is composed of plastic, while the interior structure is entirely constructed of metal, ensuring the sewing machine’s flawless alignment and durability. There are 23 built-in stitches on the Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine, including 6  basic stitches, 7 stretch stitches, 9 decorative stitches, and 1 automatic one-step buttonhole.

The automated bobbin threading option on the Singer Tradition 2277 is a terrific tool that saves you time by automatically winding the thread. The Singer 2277 sewing machine’s length and stitches can be adjusted manually. It allows you to pick between long and short lengths and widths. This machine also has an automatic needle threader, making it much easier to set up and start sewing.

Pros Cons
Beginner-friendly Thread jam
Great for small projects  Not for thick materials
Portable and sturdy

11. SINGER | Simple 3232 Sewing Machine

SINGER | Simple 3232 Sewing Machine
SINGER | Simple 3232 Sewing Machine

The final product I want to review in this list is a singer portable sewing machine. Even if it isn’t the best Singer sewing machine, it is still a fast, light, and dependable machine that comes with a 25-year limited guarantee.

The machine’s heavy-duty metal frame aids in holding all of the mechanisms together. This assures both skip-free sewing and the machine’s durability. When you buy a machine, you can expect it to last for several years without breaking down. There are 32 built-in stitches and a one-step buttonhole on the Singer Simple 3232 Portable Sewing Machine. As such, you have all of the basic stitches you’ll need for everyday projects, as well as stretch and decorative stitches.

This machine’s best features that this machine offers are the automatic needle threader and front-loading bobbin. The brand has also included the automatic reverse stitching feature for this machine to progress your projects quickly. The free arm of the Singer basic 3232 portable sewing machine adds to the device’s capabilities. A light bulb is also included in the sewing machine to brighten the work environment.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive Bobbin issue
Lightweight and portable Not for advanced sewers
User-friendly Noisy

Things to consider

It’s difficult to choose a sewing machine amid all of the possibilities available—especially among the top ones I’ve already recommended above! However, to assist you, I’ve listed a few features under each product that you should consider. 

Sewing speed

Even though your task may take hours, it’s critical that you have an efficient machine with a high stitch per minute that can do the job quickly.

The Heavy Duty 4452, for example, is one of the quickest on the market, with 1,100 stitches per minute.


The weight of the machine can make a big difference, especially if you’re a beginner. Because you’ll be transporting it from home to class on a regular basis, the lighter the sewing machine, the better!

The Start 1304 sewing machine, for example, is exceptionally lightweight and portable, weighing only 11 lbs.

Presser feet

When you’re trying to keep the cloth flat while feeding it through the machine, you’ll need to use the presser foot. If you want to get the task done quickly, this is an important feature to consider. The type of presser foot on your sewing machine is an indication of its quality.

Free arm

On a sewing machine, the free arm is responsible for the bobbin, shuttle, and feed dog, which are all located beneath the needle. As a free arm machine, you’ll be able to expand that space out, making it much easier to control and move the fabric Portable sewing machines, such as Singers, frequently have a free arm.


The bobbin is a small plastic wheel that sits beneath the needle plate. Because it’s threaded, the needle will pull the thread up to produce the seam’s bottom. Basically, the type of bobbin you have can determine the entirety of your stitching experience, therefore this is a key feature!


You might as well think about the machine’s endurance since you’ve already made the purchase. The majority of Singer sewing machines on this list come with a 25-year warranty. However, that is a feature you should double-check before purchasing a sewing machine!

There are other things you should consider when buying a Singer machine such as their types (mechanical, electronic…), speed control, number of stitches or their prices.

Advantages of a Singer sewing machine

It’s all about tradition when it comes to sewing. The Singer brand has been around since the late 1800s, so it has had plenty of time to improve the sewing machine. Singer is one of the oldest sewing machine brand in the world. You can’t go wrong with a Singer if you’re seeking for the best sewing machine for your projects, whether you need one that’s simple to use or one with a lot of complicated capabilities.

Singer is not only about “tradition”, there are also Singer machines available with the latest sewing technologies such as mirror imaging and stitch elongation. The reliability of the company’s basic and advanced machines is significantly more crucial than any additional features.

Singer is a well-known sewing machine manufacturer that provides some of the most dependable machines on the market. Whether you’re a beginner looking to sew your first project or an experienced user looking to launch a home-based business, a Singer sewing machine is likely to be available.

Basic rules of keeping sewing machines in good shape

Cover your sewing machine

When not in use, the machine should always be covered to keep dirt and dust out. Keep the machine covered in a hard case or a dust cover when it is not in use to prevent dust from settling on it.

Cleaning your sewing machine

To avoid soiling the material being sewn, accidents, and machine damage, pay attention to the various parts of the machine, the machine table or stand, the workstation, and even your hands while cleaning the machine.  Remove the needle before attempting to clean the machine to eliminate the risk of stitching into the finger during the cleaning procedure.

After each usage, wipe down your machine with a rag to keep it clean. Before wiping off the machine, make sure it is unplugged. A quick wipe down with a rag and cleaning of the bobbin case will help eliminate dust, lint, and thread fragments that could harm the machine.

Oiling your sewing machine

Keep your sewing machine fully oiled at all times. At least once a week, all dust should be cleaned from exposed areas, and the machine’s critical parts should be lubricated. Make sure to use a high-quality sewing machine oil.  Before oiling any part of the machine, make sure it’s clear of lint, dust, and thread bits. It is necessary to oil the machine on a regular basis in order for it to run smoothly.

Change needles regularly

Needles get dull over time, resulting in looped threads, skipped stitches, fabric pulls, and possible machine damage. Experts recommend that you change your needle every eight hours or after you finish a project. It’s also possible that you’ll need to adjust your needle to match the weight and weave of the fabric you’re working with.

Annual servicing

Make it a point to have your equipment professionally serviced once a year to keep it in good form. Annual servicing is a good idea whether you have a cheap sewing machine or a high-end model

A competent and experienced service technician will adjust the time and tension, as well as clean the places of your machine that you can’t reach without dismantling it completely. If you get your machine maintained by a professional on a regular basis, it will last much longer.


How many stitches do I need?

To be honest, only a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch are required to sew successfully. These two stitches will enable you to achieve almost whatever you desire with a sewing machine. However, I believe there are a few extra stitches and/or stitch qualities that make stitching a little bit nicer.

  • Straight stitch. This is the most common stitch you’ll use.
  • Zig zag. When you need a completed effect for raw edges
  • Straight stretch — Use this stitch on anything that has to be secure after a lot of use. It’s a precise stitch, so you’ll need a machine that can do it right.
  • Tri-motion. Preventing unravelling by finishing your edges.
  • Blind hems. Used to create hems that are hardly visible from the right side of the clothing.
  • Button hole. If you ever need to make button holes for clothing or other tasks like shower curtains, a one-step button hole option will save you a lot of time.

Other stitches will be required depending on the tasks you work on, but these are the basics.

I am new to sewing. What should I consider when choosing a sewing machine?

Types of sewing machine

You should think about which machine will be best for you when you first start sewing. There are three different types of machines, each with its own set of functionality and ease of use. These are the following: Mechanical machines, Computerised machines, Electronic machines. 

Due to my experience, the mechanical machine, which has basic and convenient functions, is the best option for beginners. It’s a manually operated machine that’ll appeal to advanced users who love traditional and simple sewing.

Must-have Features

  • Built-in needle threader: Every time you stitch, you’ll be threading your machine. Getting a machine with a built-in needle threader will save you a lot of time and effort. I wouldn’t purchase a machine if it didn’t have this function.
  • Top loading bobbin system: The bobbin simply pops out and drops into position with this system, saving the need to disassemble a bobbin casing to access it. Even better, this type of system comes with a transparent cover plate. So you can know when your bobbin thread is low at a glance. You need a machine with this feature, believe me.
  • Free arm: You can sew narrow, circular garment parts like sleeves and trouser hems with a free arm. You won’t be able to stitch these things easily, if at all if your sewing machine won’t convert to free-arm sewing. You’ll want to make a lot of small projects as a starting sewer. It is excessively constraining not to be able to stitch with a free arm. Make certain that the machine you purchase has this important feature.

What sewing machine is best for minor DIY tailoring and alterations at home?

Because you won’t be using it very often, you’ll want to choose a sewing machine that is tiny and portable—easy to store. It’s also not necessary to have a high-speed machine. The reliability and the warranty—as well as the weight, are the most crucial features to consider. For sewers who want to perform some light work at home, Tradition 2277 or Promise 1412 Sewing Machine will be a perfect choice.


If you want to invest in the best singer sewing machine, you will have a lot of choices. However, because not all Singer models are the same, you’ll need some assistance in selecting the correct machine suitable for your needs. It’s important to know the numerous characteristics of the equipment you’re about to purchase. Make sure to check out my review of the best Singer sewing machines!

So, don’t waste any time, purchase right away your latest singer sewing machine, and use the machine to release your creativity and create wonderful designs.

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