I believe that many of you will think that swimwear is impossible to create by oneself at home. However, the truth is that it is totally possible if you own the right tools and equipment for that. Making swimwear by yourself is beneficial as you can freely choose the colors or create styles based on your own taste in fashion.

This article is very necessary for any sewers searching for the best sewing machine for making swimwear at home. You need to choose the right model as the regular one may cause you lots of difficulties. Waterproof or stretchy fabric is difficult to deal with for even professional sewers, let alone novices. So, choosing the suitable equipment for doing so is of utmost importance.

My advice is that you should definitely go for sergers. With their extra blade, you can easily use them for sewing through stretchy materials, especially swimwear with whatever styles and patterns you like.

Without further ado, I think we should come to the main part now where I will talk about 7 good sergers for swimwear as well as some other related information for you to consider before purchasing one.

Top 7 Great Sewing Machine for Swimwear

1. SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger

SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger for making swimwear

The first model on the list is Singer 14T968DC which is a serger sewing machine. Just by its name, the machine suggests that it is made for professionals, advanced sewers.

The reason I put this model into the list is due to the fact that it provides some unique features for making swimwear. It is equipped with 5 thread capability so that the garment you are making feels more durable.

The model has 14 built-in different stitch choices coming with a wide variety of thread options. Moreover, there are 4 different kinds of rolled-hem stitch patterns, 3 kinds of cover stitches, just to name a few.

The best thing about this model is that you can easily adjust the length and width of the stitch. I believe that this function is very important for you because at some point during the sewing process, you will need to customize the stitch according to your demands and preference.

Moreover, the 3 types of cover stitch of the model helps you make an easy change between the sewing machine and serger while handling projects that need to make a mock coverstitch hem.

One more thing about this srefer is that it offers users with lots of automatic functions such as automatic tension control, adjustable upper knife and preprogrammed rolled hems,…..

Pros Cons
The model is equipped with lots of automatic functions to make it a user-friendly machine Being a machine for professionals, its price can be a bit high for some sewers
The machine is unique with its ability to make lots of cover stitch There is no automatic needle threading function to offer
Being made with heavy-duty metal frame, the machine helps reduce vibration on the sewing process

All in all, this model of Singer is believed to be a functional model being able to get the most complex and professional household tasks done. Even though the machine is sold at a higher price, I think the functions and features it offers will make sewers accept the price.

2. Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine

Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine for making swimwear

The second model is a Janome coverstitch sewing machine for sale. It has the ability to make 2 (single needle), 3(double-needle) and 4 (triple-needle) thread stitching. The sewing speed of the machine of 1000 stitches per minute is so great to some sewers. At that speed, you are able to complete your projects more quickly with less effort.

One thing I love about the macchine is the large working space that it offers of about 4”x5.5”. Reaching the lopper cover, you can find detailed graphics of the stitch patterns as well as the threading manuals.

The unique thing that makes Janome 1000CPX different from other models is the extra space coming beneath the needles; as a result, the process of interchanging the needles is much easier and more convenient.

Moreover, with various feed options between 0.5 and 2.25, sewers can freely and smoothly sew on stretchy kinds of fabrics. So, this sewing machine is surely perfect for making swimwear.

Pros Cons
The machine is built with a metal exterior frame so that it is extremely sturdy With all those advanced features, the machine is totally not the right machine for beginners
With the color-coded threading systems, the threading process becomes much easier The machine is compatible with only one kind of needle (Schmetz ELx705 size 12)
The machine offers high sewing speed of up to 1000 spm

After analyzing the pros and cons of the model, I need to tell you that this is a very high-end and advanced sewing machine. Of course, it is perfect for making any kind of swimwear. But it is of utmost importance for you to take your budget and skill level into consideration before deciding if you should purchase the model or not.

3. Janome 8002D Serger

Janome 8002D Serger for making swimwear

Compared to the two previous models, this one absolutely has a much more reasonable price as well as a more eye-catching appeal. In the Janome’s lineup, I think this model is one of the greatest serger machines. It is a perfect combination between easy operation and functional features. As a result, the machine is different from the two previous models as it is suitable for not only professionals but also for beginners as well.

This is the kind of machine that looks durable and powerful but very lightweight for portability. With a compact design, the machine does not take up much space on your desk and can fit into a limited working area. But, opposite from its small design, the machine is very useful and reliable for creating professional and high-quality projects.

There is a rolled hem changeover which will allow you to replace the regular sewing mode with the rolled hem mode. The good part is that you can do that without having to remove the needle plate.

Moreover, when purchasing the model, you will be offered some universal needle and needle threader. All of those accessories are necessary for beginners-sewers. So, right after you open the box, you can get down to the business of making your own swimwear. 

Pros Cons
The machine is built so lightweight and easy for moving around With this machine, some beginners will have difficulty threading
This is a versatile machine for you to work with lots of different kinds of fabrics
The machine is not only suitable for professionals but also beginners as well
The model is being on sale at a very reasonable price to afford

Without a doubt, this model of Janome offers great value for users at its price range. Despite the machine’s compact design, it can serve you with lots of high-quality and useful functions. We have all heard about the good reputation of the brand, and this model will surely not leave you feeling disappointed. The machine is very versatile and suitable for both beginners and advanced sewers.

4. SINGER | ProFinish 14CG754 2-3-4 Thread Serger

SINGER | ProFinish 14CG754 2-3-4 Thread Serger for making swimwear

The machine looks complicated and high-end, but actually its price is very affordable for you to consider buying. Singer 14CG754 weighs just approximately 14 pounds; however, it is very strong and powerful.

With its powerful engine, the machine can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute, so you will save lots of your time when sewing with even thick kinds of fabrics. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a color-coded threading system which helps the threading process become less confusing to users. According to your demands and preference, there are 2,3 and 4 thread options and you can adjust easily between them.

Compared to other sergers, I think this model of Singer is built with a higher presser foot, so you can surely place more layers of fabrics there to work with. And the motor of this model is strong enough for you to do so without any trouble.

Coming with the machine, you can easily get access to the manual instruction inside the box. The special thing is that you will have an instructional video which offers an easier visual tutorial. I believe that with this convenience, even beginners out there will not have any difficulty handling the machine.

Pros  Cons
With all the interesting features and the quality that the machine offers, its price is very acceptable to lots of sewers Despite the color-coded threading system, many users find it hard to do threading in this model
Features of the model help sewing process more efficient such as high seed, free arm,,,,
The tutorial video is extremely useful, especially for new sewers

Even though this is not a high-end model which means its features are not really complete, I think the machine still offers you great reliability at that price range. Especially for beginners, this is a great machine for them to own if they are wishing to work with swimwear due to its varied stitch choices, high and controllable sewing speed..

5. JUKI MO644D Portable Serger

JUKI MO644D Portable Serger for making swimwear

Just like the previous model, Juki MO-604D is also equipped with 2,3 and 4 thread sewing functions. However, this machine offers faster sewing speed for users, of up to 1500 stitches per minute – about 200 stitches higher than most sergers on the market, so sewers can complete their projects in a shorter time.

Designed with an aim to beginners, the model not only offers lots of stitch options but also many accessories for you to get the work done more perfectly. Especially the rolled hemming assists in the process of casual attire, absolutely right for new learners to take advantage of. But I think that advanced sewers can also work well with the machine when making elaborate gowns or making neat edges on upholstery.

One more interesting thing about the machine is that many things can be adjusted or customized based on your own need and preference. You can control the tensions to make sure that the thread is in the right place with the sewing speed of the machine. Also, the stitch length and width can be adjusted to make the best seams for your projects.

Moreover, there is a multi-function presser foot on this machine, which allows you to install elastic,tape,…or any materials you wish for your projects. Also, there is a differential feed used for keeping the fabric evenly fed during operation so that it can create perfect seams in any kinds of fabrics.

Pros Cons
The machine has a much faster speed than other models on the market, of up to 1500 spm The machine lacks the automatic threading function which can cause difficulty to some sweets
Users can easily change to rolled hem without having to swap the needle plate or presser foot but just need to flip a switch The position of the adjustment knob for the stitch length is not really convenient for users
The foot equipped in the machine helps users install any kinds of materials of their preference

Being made with an user-friendly aim, the machine is believed to be absolutely suitable for beginners. Users can have the chance to customize, personalize each stitch option. And being equipped with a high sewing speed but sold at a very reasonable price, the machine helps you achieve your products muchmore quickly and efficiently.

6. Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger for making swimwear

Yes, another model for beginners out there wanting to get used to sergers for making swimwear. However, I think that the machine is both simple enough for beginners to use and interesting enough to intrigue advanced sewers.With the great brand name of Brother, the machine will not let you down with all the tasks you would love to fulfill. It brings users a 3 and 4 thread function as well as more than 20 stitch choices.

The model is equipped with an adjustable differential feed for greater stitch quality when dealing with different kinds of materials. This is also one fast serger, with the speed up to 1300 stitches per minute. So, this is perfect for dealing with thin or stretchy fabric without making them get bunched up.

Users can also freely control the tension of the thread. You can make it tight or loose depending on your own needs and demands. The machine is also equipped with a LED screen for illuminating in case you have to work at night or in the dark.

There is a free arm for you to remove any part to sew more effectively with clothing items such as necklines or collars. One more thing I love about the machine is its large space, especially for storing accessories and tools right there, very convenient and organized.

Pros Cons
The machine can guarantee simplicity for any kinds of sewers to get their projects done The rolled hem may not be really effective for working with thick and heavy materials
There is a color-coded system for beginners to make threading more easily The controlling system of this machine is designed totally on the left, so it may be a disadvantage for right-handed sewers.
The number of threads the machine offers is great and generous
Coming with lots of different functions, the machine is sold at at very reasonable price

The best thing about the machine, as I have mentioned earlier, is that it is suitable not only for new learners but also for advanced and professional sewers. All in all, I strongly believe that the disadvantage that the machine holds is minimal when you take into consideration all its advantages and price range.

7. Juki Pearl Line MO-655 2/3/4/5 Thread Serger

Juki Pearl Line MO-655 2/3/4/5 Thread Serger for making swimwear

The last model in the list is manufactured by Juki, also a very well-known brand name, so I can guarantee you about the quality. The model Pearl Line serger has 2 needles with 2-3-4 thread choices, with which you can create all high-end designs and projects of your own creativity. For making bikinis, you can absolutely add some professional rolled hem to your creative outcomes as of your preference.

The machine is built with many convenient adjustable features to fulfill the needs of users. Some of those features include an adjustable upper knife so that users can enjoy a safe and easy threading process. This knife system is extremely suitable for cutting both light and dense fabrics due to its durability. One more is the large number of interchanging presser feet such as piping foot, blind hem stitch foot or gathering foot.

Users can also adjust the stitch length so that users can enjoy all the functions that you need when working on different kinds of projects. There is a differential feed for preventing stretching the fabrics. Moreover, coming with some presser feet, you can find a multi-purpose foot which can help fulfill your creativity and attach any kinds of materials as you wish.

Pros Cons
This is another great model for movies to operate well and easily It is mainly made for beginners, but I think they really need some time to get used to all the features of the model
There is a system of one-rotation threading which is very helpful for maintaining the thread tension as you wish
With all the great functions, the machine is on sale at a very reasonable price

To conclude, if you are searching for a reasonably-priced model but being equipped with all the necessary functions, you cannot miss out on this model. I can be sure with you that you will not regret any moment after purchasing the model. You will love it very much after spending some time getting over the complexity and getting used to the machine.

Guide on How to Sew Swimwear with Serger

Guide on How to Sew Swimwear with Serger

When you hear about sewing swimwear, you will feel that it is a bit complicated and difficult at first. But, believe me, once you really get down to business with all the necessary skills and knowledge, you will be much more interested in the projects. Down below I would like to give you a brief guide on how to sew your own swimwear.

  • Fabric: To make swimwear, you should opt for the suitable material. I would recommend you to choose Nylon/Spandex which has 4-way stretch. This material is perfect for not only swimming but also for sporty or athletic wearing. If you have a higher budget, try looking for pieces with UPF protection.
  • Equipment/Tools: With swimwear, you can create new projects with just a basic sewing machine without investing money on special machines. It is not necessary but it is advisable to have a serger to work with swimwear with which you can work more comfortably and efficiently. Actually, I know some advanced sewers who choose to combine a serger and sewing machine in order to create their own swimwear. They can sew the pieces with the sewing machine and use the serger for cleaning up the seam allowance.
  • Pattern Cutting: Without a doubt, there are a wide variety of patterns and styles that you can take into consideration for your swimwear. It is up to you and your preference to choose whatever you like. When working with materials such as spandex, you should choose a rotary cutter for cutting the pattern.
  • Sergree Setting up: In order to work well with spandex to make swimwear, I suggest that you should use a ballpoint needle. Moreover, you can also try a zigzag stitch in some sewing machines at a width of about 2 and length of about 2.5.
  • Walking Foot: With the moving foot, you do not have to worry about working with thick or stretchy difficult materials like spandex, even when you handle multiple layers of fabrics.
  • Threading Choosing: My advice is that you go for all-purpose thread which will allow you to sew comfortably without being broken.

Once you have prepared all those things carefully, you have total confidence to start your projects.

Sewing A Swimsuit For Beginners Tips

Sewing A Swimsuit For Beginners Tips

For sewers who have never tried sewing a swimsuit before, I have accumulated some tips and tricks for you to apply the next time you deal with it. So, below are some tips that I believe are very useful for swimwear DIY at home.

  • Choosing the right kinds of materials for making swimwear: For swimwear, as I have mentioned earlier, but I would love to emphasize more down here, definitely go for spandex (lycra) fabric. The reason is because this fabric will not get wrinkled up, so it is very easy for you to take care as well as sew through.
  • Choosing the stretch type: You can go for 2-way or 4-way stretches. The 2-way can stretch horizontally while the 4-way can stretch both horizontally and vertically. So, pay attention to this in order to choose the right one for your patterns.
  • Choosing the right pins and needles: For sewing swimwear, I think you should search for ballpoint pins and stretch needles so that you can achieve the greatest products you wish for.
  • Choosing the right thread: With swimwear, it is great for sewers to use a polyester thread as there will be a lot of stretches involved in the sewing process.
  • Choosing the right stitch: Actually, many sergers or even sewing machines on the market nowadays have already been equipped with lots of different stretch stitches for sewers to choose from when they handle swimwear. You can choose triple straight stitch, the stretch stitch or lightning stitch, all of which are great for making straight lines. If you need to join elastic together, you can try a zig zag stitch or even a triple zigzag stitch.
  • Choosing the right width and length for the stitch: Apart from choosing the suitable kinds of stitch for your projects, you also need to adjust the measurement of your stitch length or width. For example, for better stretch, the length of your stitch should be longer than usual. The width is even more complex as it depends on the kind of the pieces you are dealing with. Normally, I would love to adjust the zig zag stitch with a width of between 2 for basting and 3 for topstitching.
  • Choosing the right foot: The walking foot can help you work very well with stretchy or slippery fabric.

Swimwear Serger Related Questions

Swimwear Serger Related Questions

1. Is it really necessary to own a special sewing machine for making swimwear?

As I have said earlier, it is not really necessary for you to own a special sewing machine in order to work well with stretchy materials for making swimwear. However, materials for making swimwear such as Nylon or Spander are totally not easy to handle, even with advanced sewers.

As a result, my suggestion is that if you are a beginner and wishing to handle swimwear, you should try to seek a special model for that purpose to make the process easier.

But if you are a professional with a certain level of skill and expertise, I think you can still make do with a regular sewing machine, so it is not really necessary for you to invest in a special sewing machine for making swimwear.

2. Is it really necessary to have a serger for sewing a swimsuit?

My answer is just the same as in the previous question. It totally depends on your sewing skill level. To sum up, I think serger is ideal for creating the greatest swimwear projects but serger is not of utmost importance.

A sewing machine can also do their work finely in some situations. In fact, there are sewers who try to combine two pieces of equipment together. Sewing machine is for putting the pieces together while the serger can be used for cleaning up the seam allowance.

3. How do you sew a swimsuit with a sewing machine?

Alright, so in the case that you do not own any serger but just a regular sewing machine. Don’t worry as it is totally possible for you to sew swimwear with that sewing machine of yours.

Please follow all the guides I have mentioned earlier about choosing the thread, needle, stitch and so on. And then, there are whole lots of videos via Youtube for you to take reference if you wish to sew a swimsuit with a sewing machine. Remember that it can be a bit hard for beginners at first, so be patient and practice to create the best outcomes you can.

4. Do swimsuits need elastic?

The truth is that all kinds of swimwear require elastic. However, try to keep in mind not to use standard polyester elastic because it will be useless in holding up the chlorine or salt.

You should try your best to search for a chlorine-resistant cotton or some other kinds of rubber elastic. There is a special kind which is labeled specifically for swimwear, so spend some time researching so that you will feel regretful later.

5. How is a sewing machine different from a seger?

How is a sewing machine different from a seger

They are surely two different kinds of machines, so there are a whole lot of differences, but I will mention just some really noticeable ones. As I have noticed, sergers are equipped with overlock stitches while sewing machines use lockstitch or chain stitch.

There are some other unique features of sergers. They use three or more thread sources and do not have many stitch options, all you get is just an overlock stitch. One interesting thing is that sergers do not physically sew things but sergers try to cut them with blades. Sergers tend to have slower sewing speed than sewing machines. And when using sergers, remember to plan and draft your projects carefully as they can only sew with the left side of the needles.

6. Is it worthwhile investing in a coverstitch machine?

Each person will have their own different answer for this question. A coverstitch machine is absolutely worth investing in if you are determined that you will work with stretch fabrics, such as ones for making swimwear, on a regular basis. As far as I know, the best sewing machine for making swimwear is coverstitch machines.

On the other hand, if you do not work with swimwear or any other kinds of stretchy fabric that much, my sincere advice is that there is no need for you to buy a coverstitch machine.

7. Is it really necessary to own a coverstitch machine?

For this question, you should ask yourself to see what you really need. A coverstitch machine is expensive in comparison with other regular sewing machines on the market. But a coverstitch machine with a lower price will surely not work as well and the stitch quality is much worse. So, take your budget limit into consideration first.

Then think about what features you would love to have in your coverstitch machines. We all know that there are various models on the market, so make sure that you buy a machine that can do the things that you need, not so many advanced functions that you will never use, which will be a waste of money.

8. How does coverstitch look?

According to the description of many sewers, a coverstitch is a hem with a professional look with two rows of stitching on the top with a serger like stitch on the back. It can be hard for you to imagine when I describe with words like this, but if you search for some images online, I am sure that you will recognize it right away as coverstitch is really common to many of us.


I have listed the 7 sergers that I think most suitable for your wish of making a swimmer at home. With each model, I have clearly mentioned some of its key features, advantages and disadvantages. But it is up to you to choose the best serger for making swimwear yourself. The reason is because only you can be aware of your own demands, needs, preferences as well as your creativity.

To summarize, I think there are three main factors you can keep in mind when taking some models into consideration. Firstly, an user-friendly model will give you a comfortable time working on your project.

As a result, you can let your imagination and creativity freely go wild without worrying about any frustration. Not to mention that it is not easy working with swimwear, so remember to bear this in mind.

Secondly, of course your budget to consider. However, a model with reasonable budget is on the wishlist, but the review of it is not really great or its features are not really what you need, do not just blindly go for that model.

You can find plenty of models on the market, so be wise, do not just look at short-term benefits, but use your vision. The last thing you may want to pay attention to before choosing a swimwear serger for yourself is the accessories attached with the model. Think carefully to see if they are enough for you to fulfill your creative mind.

Alright, so above is all my suggestions and advice for you to choose the most suitable swimwear serger for yourself. I hope that you will find the article useful and interesting.

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