Are you considering launching a small business? Do you want to start your own business and then extend your current one into something even more rewarding with your fabulous designs?

Investing in a capable sewing machine will be the first step. Bear in mind some important things before purchasing your sewing machine.

First, your machine should be simple enough to maintain while still being effective to work with, and second, it should fit your budget. Moreover, it should be versatile and high-quality.

Check out my review of the best sewing machine for small businesses on the market today to own your machines!!

Top 8 Best Sewing Machine for Small Business

1. Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

Coming from the famous and trusted sewing machine brand Singer, this machine includes all the features you’d expect from a machine in this low price range.  Nothing seemed to be able to stand in the way of this workhorse. It’s capable of sewing practically any fabrics you can think of.

Feature highlights

  • High sewing speed: The extra-fast stitching pace of 1,100 stitches per minute allows you to finish time-consuming jobs faster than with any other home machine.
  • Powerful motor with metal frame: This machine slices through heavyweight materials quickly with a motor that has 60% more power than any other home sewing machine, and the exterior and rock-solid metal frame are strong enough to endure the rigours of heavy-duty sewing without shaking or wobbling.
  • Stitches and stitch adjustment: The 23 built-in stitches and completely automatic one-step buttonhole give endless project options. There is a separate dial on the machine that is only utilized for stitch length adjustment. Although the specifications state 6 mm, you can pick between 0 and 4 mm. This is a necessary function that I appreciated.
  • Presser foot with pressure control: The higher presser foot provides the extra space you need for sewing through multiple layers of heavy fabric, and the automatic presser foot pressure adjustment means you can sew everything from denim to sheer chiffon without having to fiddle with the pressure.
  • Stainless bedplate and drop feed: The stainless steel bedplate easily pulls the fabric through for even sewing, and the drop feed function allows for more creative topstitching. Other hard-to-resist features of this Singer 4423 heavy-duty sewing machine include an automatic needle threader, easy bobbin loader, three needle positions, and a free arm.
Pros Cons
User-friendly No computerized function
Can sew through thick materials Noisy
Powerful motor with a sturdy exterior

The Singer 4423 is a powerful and reasonably precise machine. This fact alone makes the machine a good purchase, especially if you’re just getting started with your home business.

2. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

When it comes to small businesses, I often prefer computerized sewing machines, and here is the sewing machine that can be described as a whole package. The Singer 9960 is a computerized and manageable machine that you surely would want to own. You can use this machine to sew, do your work, and finish it with ease, as well as create creative designs.

Feature highlights

  • Stitches and buttonholes: 600 stitches are on the machine. You can use different stitches for different sewing projects because there are so many options. 13 styles of 1-step automatic buttonholes are also included with the SINGER 9960 quantum stylist sewing machine.
  • Sewing speed: You may also adjust the stitching speed of the machine, which can reach 850 stitches per minute. For even more convenience, there includes an electronic autopilot option.
  • Top drop-in bobbin: A jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin is included with the SINGER 9960 sewing machine. The bobbin may be easily inserted from the top, and the transparent bedplate allows you to monitor the thread supply from the bobbin.
  • LCD display: The backlit LCD display useful information such as which stitch you are presently working on, the stitch length and width, as well as a recommendation for which presser foot is best for the material you’re working on. The LCD panel’s brightness can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.
  • Extension table: This machine comes with an attached extension table with the help of a screw while stitching a large project or quilts. You can easily remove it after finishing your project or when you have to store the machine
  • Automatic functions: This sewing machine offers a simple threading system and an automatic needle threader. It also includes an automatic thread cutter to make life even easier.
Pros Cons
Large stitch pattern selection Expensive
Ease of use Can not save your patterns
Lots of built-in features

The Singer 9960 is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a sewing machine in the mid-price range. With all of the latest and enhanced capabilities, the Singer 9960 is an excellent machine with which to begin your sewing career.

3. Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Sewists, quilters, and those who sew and quilt know how difficult it is to find the perfect machine that can do both tasks equally well. That is why I recommend the Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine for you guys.

Feature Highlights

  • Stitching options: This Brother sewing machine offers 185 stitches and 130 patterns to choose from. This sewing machine also has 94 decorative functions, 42 fabric stitches, 12 various heirloom stitching options, 14 quilt features, and eight buttonholes. Aside from that, the Brother HC1850 computerized sewing and quilting machine has one monogramming sewing font built in. It offers 55 alphanumeric built-in monogramming sewing fonts, including letters from a to z, digits 0 to 9, punctuation marks, and eight speciality symbols.
  • Adjustment functions: The Brother HC1850 allows you to adjust the length and width settings. You can adjust the sewing settings on this sewing machine with a slider. With this machine, you can sew 850 stitches in one minute. For beginners, the speed is high so that they can modify according to their needs and capabilities. The fonts on this sewing machine, however, cannot be changed. The tensioned thread on the Brother HC1850 sewing machine can also be adjusted by simply pulling it back and forth.
  • Great for quilting: It includes 14 different functions that make quilting a breeze. With the Brother HC1850 sewing machine, you can sew thick fabrics with ease. You may easily produce quilts with the help of a Brother hc1850 sewing machine.
  • Other accessories: You’ll get a free arm, an extension table, a detachable cable, a foot control pedal, needles, a screwdriver, a ripper, extra bobbins, a cleaning brush, a ballpoint needle, and a twin needle.  Aside from that, the Brother 1850 sewing machine comes with 8 different types of pressing feet. Twisted, patchwork, button, blind, monogramming, zipper, and overcasting feet are among the feet available.  A quilting foot and a DVD handbook are also included with the sewing machine.
Pros Cons
Affordable Thread tension and bobbin thread problems
User-friendly Not for thick fabrics
Quilting accessories included
Portable and lightweight

The Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a great machine with a lot of features that you won’t find in other sewing machines in this price range. This sewing machine, in my opinion, is an excellent choice for both beginner and intermediate sewers.

4. Brother Sewing Machine, GX37

Brother Sewing Machine, GX37

The Brother GX37 sewing machine is an outstanding mechanical sewing machine, especially for ones who have their first step in sewing. I strongly believe that this beauty is the best sewing machine for beginners due to its ease of set-up and use.

Feature highlights

  • Stitches: The Brother GX37 Sewing Machine has 37 different sewing stitches, including a 1-step auto-size buttonhole, straight, satin, zigzag, and others. These are ideal for garment fabrication, mending, and sewing regularly.
  • Automatic needle threader: Automatic threading systems are included with the Brother GX37 sewing machine. This feature threads the machine for you, saving you time and straining your eyes. This function also makes the machine user-friendly for those unfamiliar with threading a brother sewing machine. The function is also beneficial to those who have poor vision.
  • Top-loading bobbin: A top-loading bobbin is also included with the Brother GX37. As a result, rather than being hidden under the needle plate, the bobbin compartment is immediately next to it.  After threading the bobbin, put it in the compartment, allowing the tail end of the thread to protrude, and close the compartment. The thread from the needle will draw the bobbin up and into place as you turn the manual dial.
  • Free arm: This feature allows for free arm sewing, so you’ll be able to work on cuffs and sleeves with ease. In addition, the working surface’s detachable portion serves as a storage container for various items.
  • Reverse lever: With a reverse-direction lever, you can sew in the opposite and backward directions. The function reinforces the seam by allowing you to quickly stitch at the start and finish of the seam.
  • LED light: The stitching area of this sewing machine is also illuminated by an LED light. You’ll have a clear view of your workstation as a result of this.
Pros Cons
Beginner-friendly Not for advanced sewers
Portable and lightweight Not for thick fabrics
Cheap Thread tension issues

This machine is available at a great price and will last you a long time. This sewing machine has amazing stitch quality and might be an excellent learning tool for beginners. Overall, if you enjoyed what you’ve read, don’t hesitate to get one for yourself.

5. Brother CS-6000i Electric Sewing Machine

Brother CS-6000i Electric Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine has remained the “best seller” on Amazon for a long time, with 4.7/5 stars. The Brother CS6000i is one of the most affordable and feature-rich sewing machines available. Furthermore, as this is a computerized machine and can be used for sewing and quilting, Brother CS600i is the perfect machine for small businesses.

Feature highlights

  • Stitch options: Straight, zigzag, and overcast threads, basting stitches, blind hem stitches, triple stretch stitches, quilting stitches, and ornamental stitches are among the 60 stitches provided. Seven different types of automatic one-step buttonhole stitches can be utilized on various materials.
  • Adjustable speed: The Brother cs-6000i has a maximum stitch speed of 850 stitches per minute. You can also control this machine at a slower pace. You can always modify the speed control to any three options: fast, medium, or slow.
  • Threading and bobbin winding: It’s never been easier to thread the machine and wind the bobbin. Simple diagrams are printed on the machine that you can use to guarantee the bobbin does not come loose. It also includes detailed instructions for threading the machine. The CS6000i also contains a lever that may be used to thread the needle automatically.
  • Quilting functions: The durable, detachable extra-wide table helps to make up for the small space. Quilting stitches such as zig-zag, appliqué, hand-look, and stippling are available as presets. With little effort, it can handle three layers of a quilt. A walking foot allows you to place your stitches with better precision. It also provides for a more even feeding of the multiple layers. You can also free motion quilt by removing the feed dogs and quilting with the spring action quilting foot.
Pros Cons
Affordable Not for thick fabrics
Intuitive user interface No automatic tension
Great for quilting
Lightweight and portable

Look for the Brother CS6000i straight away if you’re seeking an economical, durable sewing machine with computerized sewing and a slew of accessories!

6. Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The Singer 4411 is a heavy-duty Singer sewing machine regarded as a workhorse due to its numerous functions. This machine is one of my top picks for the best budget-friendly sewing machines, but it’s also one that many sewists choose to upgrade to from less durable versions.

Feature highlights

  •  Powerful motor: This one has a 60% more powerful motor than other comparable heavy-duty sewing machines, which ensures that it may be used for a long time without issue.
  • Metal frame: The heavy-duty metal frame on the SINGER 4411 aids in skip-free sewing and keeps the sewing machine in place when stitching at full speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.
  • Stainless steel bedplate: Unlike other sewing machines, the SINGER 4411 sewing machine has a metallic stainless steel bedplate. The metal bedplate aids in the smooth feeding of the fabric during fast stitching.
  • Stitches and presser feet: The 6 basic stitches (straight, zigzag) and 4 decorative stitches are all included in this model. It also has a four-step automated buttonhole stitch. This sewing machine comes with four different presser feet for different sewing styles. A zipper foot, a button foot, a buttonhole foot, and an all-purpose foot are all included.
  • Drop-in bobbin: SINGER 4411 has a top drop-in bobbin that is easy to load and has a clear cover that allows you to monitor the thread supply through the bobbin.
  • Reverse lever: When stitching on fabrics or multiple layers of fabrics, reinforcing is necessary to ensure that the stitches stay in place. The built-in reverse stitch lever comes into play at this point, reinforcing the initial and last few stitches.
  • Free arm and extension table: Hemming pants, sewing tube-shaped crafts, and working on little tasks are all made easier with this feature. The extension table can be completely removed, allowing access to the free arm from both sides. The extension table also serves as a convenient storage space for your accessories.
Pros Cons
Powerful motor Not many stitches
Lightweight but sturdy No automatic needle threader
Fast sewing speed Not a computerized machine
Can sew on many types of fabrics

Singer 4411 is truly great for home sewing and small businesses as it can handle different projects from sewing a delicate blouse to heavy-duty draperies.

7. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

If you intend to open an embroidery business, a high-quality machine is much needed. With the Brother PE800, you’ll make incredible designs on your sewing creations. This embroidery machine comes with many embroidery designs, features, and accessories. This beauty is truly the best embroidery machine for home business

Feature highlights

  • Embroidery designs: This incredible machine includes 138 designs and 11 embroidery fonts to enable you to customize your projects. Also included is a CD with 15.000 more designs. You may also utilize the design editing features to rotate, mirror-image, and change the size of the design.
  • Speed: This machine is a medium-speed machine. It has a pace of 650 stitches per minute, which isn’t particularly fast. It may, however, decrease further depending on the extent of design complexity. You can also modify the stitching speed using the LCD’s settings.
  • Touchscreen: A 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen is also included with this Brother machine. This lets you see how your patterns will look in colour before embroidering them. The touchscreen also has editing modes, allowing you to quickly change the colour, rotate, or adjust your design. Adjusting how the text fits your design is an amazing and helpful feature of the touchscreen and editing function.
  • Memory: A built-in memory is also included with the PE800 machine. As a result, you can save multiple designs and use them for your next project without having to re-enter them. It will remember not only the stitches in the design but also the order in which they should be placed. You may import designs using the USB slot on the machine’s side for increased convenience. Simply connect the PE800 to your computer or insert a USB flash drive. You can use patterns from or elsewhere; simply transfer them to the machine via USB drive and embroider away.
  • Quilting and appliqué: This machine can also be used for quilting applications. However, because there are no pre-existing quilting designs, you will have to download them. All you have to do to start quilting is lower the feed dogs, and your machine will be ready for free-motion quilting. Appliqué can be done, but you’ll need to download designs as well.
  • Many automatic features: Automatic Needle Threader, Automatic bobbin winding system, Built-in Thread Trimmer and Automatic Thread Cutter, Automatic Thread Tension 
Pros Cons
User-friendly Does not sew
Wide embroidery area Expensive
Colour LCD touchscreen  

 The Brother PE800 is a very adaptable machine with a combination of advanced and basic capabilities to fulfil the demands of embroiderers at all levels. I don’t believe you can go wrong with it for your home business or craft project.

8. Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

With its various unique embroidery options, the Brother PE535 provides exceptional value for money, making stitching enjoyable and easy for beginners and specialists. It’s undoubtedly one of the most affordable and widely used embroidery machines.

Feature highlights

  • Designs: It also comes with up to 80 built-in embroidery designs to choose from. Floral, border, kids, holiday, and decorative alphabet designs, among other alternatives, are available in embroidery designs.
  • Lettering fonts: This machine does really provide a variety of settings, including font sizes. You can choose from 9 built-in embroidery lettering fonts, 6 of which are English and 3 Japanese. These fonts are also available in large, medium, and small. There are also many instances and characters to consider. There are lowercase and uppercase letters and symbols, and numeric characters.
  • Touchscreen: A 3.2″ Sew Smart colour LCD touch screen display is included with this machine. This enables you to see your embroidery designs in full colour before you begin stitching. You may also use the in-built colour palette to adjust the thread colours of the embroidery designs, making it easier to evaluate your design before you start stitching.
  • Memory: Not only you have access to iBroidery as well as the ability to plug a USB drive right into the machine, but Brother has also given this device memory to hold all of those designs. So, if you find a pattern on the internet, simply download it to a USB drive, insert it into your Brother, and save it to the memory.
Pros Cons
User-friendly Embroidery only
Compact and portable Not for advanced embroiders
Built-in memory

If you only want to embroider little designs, the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine is an excellent little machine. It would be a great addition to your embroidery business.

Best Sewing Machine For Small Business Buying Guide

Best Sewing Machine For Small Business Buying Guide
Best Sewing Machine For Small Business Buying Guide

Do you want to purchase a sewing machine for your business but aren’t sure where to start?

Buying the right machine can be difficult if you aren’t certain of the features you want in it and its purpose.

However, we need to ensure that everything we buy is a long-term investment. It’s difficult to know where to start with so many businesses providing different models at differing pricing.

Follow my buying guide below to purchase the best sewing machine for small businesses .

  • Basic features

 Basic features include a decent number of built-in stitches, an auto needle threader, one-step or at least four-step buttonholes, a top drop-in bobbin, a simple bobbin winding and stitch selection, quick snap-on sewing foot, a reverse stitching lever, and a free arm. When all of these features are included in a sewing machine, it simplifies your work and saves you time.

  • Computerized sewing machine

 We prefer a sewing machine with advanced and basic features. Since it’s a business, your clients’ needs will differ. To meet your customers’ needs, you’ll need to have the most advanced sewing machine.  A machine that can accomplish everything quickly and do something completely unexpected while maintaining the integrity of what your client requested and what you believed you should do. A computerized sewing machine should always be a top priority for small businesses.

  • Heavy-duty

When it comes to business, that automatically entails many project orders, perfection, quick manufacturing, and timely delivery. Every day, the sewing machine you’re using will be utilized for hours. If this is the case, only a heavy-duty sewing machine will handle the workload. Durability, stability, and precise stitching are all ensured by a robust metal interior.

  • Quality

At any price, don’t sacrifice your sewing machine’s quality. Look for reliable and well-known brands. Sewing machine quality ensures long-term life. You would not want to spend a lot of money on new sewing machines every year. There must also be tools to care for the machine, such as a brush to clean it. You should also get a demo of each type and try it out before purchasing.

  • Buy from a dealership

 When you buy from a dealership, you receive access to resources such as assistance, experience, and guidance, as well as being led through all of the machine’s functions and learning how to clean and maintain it properly. They are likely to service machines, and their warranty will also cover you. Ask about trade-ins and trade-ups with them too. The dealers may also have some of the best-used sewing machines, and best-used embroidery machines serviced and repaired.

How Do I Start My Own Sewing Business from Home?

Starting a sewing business could be ideal if you enjoy sewing, creating unique clothing patterns, or performing adjustments and tailoring.

Depending on your skills, dressmaking, costume design, special occasion apparel, embroidery, and clothing repair are just some of the sewing projects available. You must accomplish a few things to establish your own sewing business.

  • Make a business plan

 When starting a sewing business, create a business plan to assist you through each process stage. An investigation of your local market and related shops and services in your area should be the first step in the plan. Next, make a list and define the services you hope to provide to your clients. Projected start-up costs, such as sewing machines, shop rental, thread, patterns, computer equipment, and software, should be included in the third section. Follow up with a marketing strategy and a breakdown of the owner and employee duties.

  • Registration

 Before starting your business, research business organization, licensing, and regulatory needs. Your sewing business should be registered with the state and local governments. Purchase business insurance to safeguard your business endeavour. If you’re going to run your business from home, see if you can add a home-business rider to your current policy. To apply for an employer identification number to use on business papers and tax forms, contact the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Working space

If you plan to work from home, check with your local small business administration office or the home zoning commission to determine what restrictions apply to home-based enterprises. For example, some regions do not allow business owners to meet with clients in residential zones. Setting up a room or part of your home for business purposes helps you arrange your company supplies and provides tax benefits. Renting commercial space for your business is another alternative. You may rent a standard commercial building or find an office in a local company incubator or co-working facility.

  • Buy equipment

 After you’ve found a location, you’ll need to buy start-up equipment including a sewing machine, thread, needles, embroidery supplies, ready-made patterns, computer software for designing and printing patterns, and invoicing and bookkeeping software.

  • Marketing

You can promote your new business in a variety of ways. A good place to start is with friends, family, and social media acquaintances. Flyers can also be displayed in neighbourhood clothing shops, grocery stores, dry cleaners, wedding shops, and other local businesses. In addition, you can utilize social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as outreach tools or offer special discounts on sites like Groupon.


How long does it take to learn sewing?

It can take 2-3 weeks to become comfortable with sewing with the correct amount of time and dedication. Learning to sew is a long process that requires patience because mistakes are unavoidable. Sewing is a skill that can be mastered quickly, no matter where you are.

How do I expand my sewing business?

You’ll need advanced tools and staff to expand your business. Suppose you truly want to grow your business. You need to invest in the most up-to-date equipment, such as a sewing machine, thread, needles, embroidery materials, ready-made patterns, computer software for designing and printing patterns, invoicing, and bookkeeping software.

And begin to assemble a team; a well-trained workforce will aid in the expansion of your home business. More projects and employees will result in more clients and expand your firm.

How much can I earn a month sewing?

Depending on experience, location, and the type of equipment owned, a small single-person sewing business can earn anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 per month.


Establishing a clear business vision and starting your brand requires much effort and dedication.  It would be advantageous if you could afford to get the greatest sewing machine for crafting, stitching, quilting, and creating embroidered designs, among other things. You will have a better chance of achieving success and expanding your business by owning them.

Above, I’ve recommended the best sewing machine for small business. Now it’s up to you to achieve your goal. Maintain your passion and effort and witness your home sewing business take off.

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